U19 Scorpions Elite Programing



The U 19 Scorpions represent the highest elite level program offered by the Saskatoon Field Lacrosse Association. Our focus is to build on the work accomplished by coaches at the U 14 and U 16 levels. A continued effort to reinforce the teaching of advanced fundamentals skills and game strategies are central to the coaching focus at this level. In addition, there is an increased focus on competitive training and game situations. As part of the effort to increase development and exposure of individuals to high levels of coaching and competition, the U19 Scorpions travel to major tournaments in the United States.


Coaches will incorporate a variety of exercises and drills in order to strengthen players’ weaknesses and to broaden their set of skills. Coaching will look to:

Build on the work of the U 14 and U16 programs to develop advanced lacrosse players. Utilize advanced drills and exercises so that each player is prepared to compete at the local, national and international levels.

Provide advanced lacrosse players an environment that emphasizes a commitment to working hard, to having fun, and to demonstrating good sportsmanship.

Continue to teach young and determined lacrosse players core values that are relevant to the game of lacrosse while committed to improving your son’s lacrosse skills and cultivating his competitive spirit.

Increase the competitive training and competition so that lacrosse players may explore post-secondary schooling experiences in the United States and Canada.

The instruction will cover a wide range of the game’s fundamental components:

  1. Advanced throwing and catching movements.
  2. Advanced shooting techniques with a focus of shooting on the run.
  3. Offensive principles – advanced dodging and feeding on the move to fit team offensive systems.
  4. Game speed transition and unsettled situational play.
  5. Defense principles – Advanced 1v1 checks, footwork, and angle play.
  6. Advanced slide packages to fit team defensive schemes.
  7. Advanced offensives schemes and team concepts, 2-2-2, 3-1-2, and 1-4-1 packages.
  8. Offensive goalie play
  9. Face-off and wing play