U16 Walk On Tryout


Are you new to Saskatoon or looking to play elite lacrosse?

The coaching and management staff of the Scorpion Lacrosse Program is dedicated to providing an enhanced level of elite training and competition for field lacrosse players in Saskatchewan.  If you have a clear focus on improving your lacrosseskill set, and working with advanced game strategies to become an elite lacrosse player, then you may be eligible to joinus!

Joining the Scorpion Lacrosse Program is by INVITATION ONLY . Players are scouted in their house field or box lacrosse games, and players are invited to join. In the off chance you were missed in the scouting process or are new to the Saskatoon area, we offer a “walk-on” try-out opportunity.

Once you contact the Scorpion Program, you will be invited to attend two walk-on practice sessions to be evaluated by thecoaching staff. Should you have what it takes to be a Scorpion, a formal invitation to the program will be issued. Pleasesee the information below:

OUT OF CITY players are eligible to play and travel with the Scorpion Program.  HOWEVER – players from outside of the Saskatoon area must be cleared to join the program.  FURTHERMORE, athletes that play Scorpion Lacrosse from outside of the Saskatoon Field Lacrosse Association area will be released to represent their local association at provincial championships and house league play.

U-16 Scorpions Lacrosse Club

We are always on the lookout for talented lacrosse players with a winning attitude, a very good skill base, and are prepared to compete at a higher level. The U-16 level scouts lacrosse players from box and field house leagues and invites them to into the program. If you were missed in the scouting process or are new to Saskatoon, please fill out the questionnaire.

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