U14 Scorpions Elite Programing



The U 14 Scorpions is our introductory elite level program. Our focus is to teach young lacrosse players the essential fundamentals of the game through a variety of drills and exercises. It is our belief that player development occurs through personalized instruction, maximum repetition and exposure to game-like situations. Our goal is to have each participant enjoy himself, work hard, improve his skills, and have a better understanding of the game of lacrosse.


Coaches will incorporate a variety of exercises and drills in order to strengthen players’ weaknesses and to broaden their set of skills. Coaching will look to:

  • Develop young and determined lacrosse players through drills and exercises so that each player is prepared to compete at an increasingly demanding level of lacrosse in Saskatchewan and Canada.
  • Provide young and determined lacrosse players an environment that emphasizes a commitment to working hard, to having fun, and to demonstrating good sportsmanship.
  • Teach young and determined lacrosse players core values that are relevant to the game of lacrosse, while committed to improving your son’s lacrosse skills and cultivating his competitive spirit.

The instruction will cover a wide range of the game’s fundamental components:

  1. Throwing and catching movements.
  2. Offensive principles – different types of dodging, different types of shooting, feeding to an open player, picks, team offense.
  3. Transition and unsettled situations – 4v3, 3v2, 2v1.
  4. Defense principles – learning how to defend the 1v1, footwork, angle play, understanding team defense, stick work for long poles.
  5. Goaltender play.
  6. Face-off play.
  7. Agility footwork exercises relevant to the movements of the game.
  8. Introduction of advanced offensive sets.
  9. Introduction of advance defensive formations and slide packages.