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SFLA offers Travel Team opportunities right from the start of the season in May until December.

During the season opportunities exist in 11U 13U 15U and 18U. These Teams play in tournaments around the province during May and June

Elite Travel team opportunities are also available for players looking to play Elite level Lacrosse or secure NCAA Lacrosse scholarship. With more Scholarships available in Mens and Women’s Lacrosse than in Men’s or Women’s hockey this is an excellent opportunity for young athletes to use their gifts and abilities at the next level while receiving an excellent education. Every year SFLA Spartans Elite teams travel to play in scouted tournaments in the U.S. where players make lasting memories and create educational opportunities for young Saskatchewan Lacrosse players!

So how do these teams work ?

Just before house leagues begin tryouts for each age group are held and teams picked that travel to between 2 and 4 festivals(same idea as a round robin tournament but with no finals held) around the province with one typically held in Saskatoon. Sometimes a tryout isn’t necessary as many of our players play box lacrosse, spring hockey, baseball etc and weekend conflicts arise, in those instances if there are enough players we still run the teams but without a tryout.

What about the teams that go to provincials ?

During the season provincial championships are held for the 13U 15U and 18U age groups. One team from each age group is selected upon evaluation by the coaches of that age group. These teams consist of players who MAY or MAY NOT be on the festival teams. They are invite only teams.

Who are the Spartans?

SFLA currently operates 2 Elite teams that travel to games and tournaments in Canada and the U.S. 

The Spartans are Junior Varsity and Varsity teams that have attended U.S. tournaments and plan on attending tournaments scouted by NCAA, MCLA and other US College programs in order to recruit players through full or partial scholarships.   

 Spartans hold open tryouts for their respective programs

What about Team Saskatchewan, who are they?

eam Sask is an entity of the SLA (Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association) which is the governing body of all Lacrosse member associations in Saskatchewan. They hold tryouts for teams in the 15U and 18U age that compete for Gold at the CLA Field Lacrosse National championships.