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For Players Ages: Born in 2014 and 2015 for the 2021 season.

The 8U Division has been established to promote a fun and positive experience with the sport of lacrosse. 8U age athletes use the following format:

  1. We play all players as equally as possible with the goal of teaching the sport and providing a fun experience for all involved.
  2. All activities are structured using Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles.
  3. We emphasize fun, positive sportsmanship, and an active environment.
  4. Games are played to foster fun, fitness and skill development.
  5. Modified games will be played with a set “shift” length and will not use goaltenders.
  6. We will be playing a 3 on 3 version of lacrosse, very short games, and multiple games each night (once we start playing games).
  7. Teams or “groups” are created to suit various activities or games.
  8. We do not keep standings, league championship or playoffs. We want to build a love and respect for the sport of lacrosse.

First-year 8U players receive as part of their registration fees:

  1. Practice/Game T-shirt to keep
  2. A coupon book, which includes a coupon for Al Anderson’s Source for Sports. This coupon will provide a significant discount should you need to purchase any lacrosse equipment.
Required Equipment

For this age division: Hockey equipment is acceptable for the requirements identified below:

  1. Lacrosse Stick
  2. Practice/Game Jersey – Provided as part of the registration fee.
  3. Helmet with a face mask
  4. Mouthguard (mandatory)
  5. Shoulder pads
  6. Elbow pads
  7. Protective Gloves (We recommend that this be the first lacrosse specific piece of protective equipment you provide for the player.)
  8. Can or Jill Cup
  9. Proper footwear for activities on the grass
  10. Shorts and socks – Shorts provided as part of the registration fee.
Parent Responsibilities

Please see parent responsibilities for the 8U Division listed below:

  1. Review the “Role of Parents” section of this website
  2. Cheer and provide positive support.
  3. Volunteer to be parent helper during games:

    • Timekeeping for shifts.
    • Assisting Coaches with organizing players on sidelines.