While players have rights, they also have responsibilities to themselves, their teammates, competitors, coaches/officials, parents, and spectators. In short, they must strive to ‘Honour the game’ through superior sportsmanship and personal integrity.

These are character traits that will help them in every aspect of their lives. We expect our players to strive to embody the following principles:

  1. A young athlete ‘Honours the Game’ of lacrosse. He/she values the rich tradition of his/her sport and works to honour the spirit as well as the letter of its rules.
  2. A young athlete honours his/herself. This is achieved by continuously working to improve themselves and trying their hardest regardless of the outcome of the game/season.
  3. A young athlete honours their teammates. This is achieved by being supportive of one’s teammates regardless of physical ability, game performance, or game outcome. Positive comments or “put-ups” are encouraged while “put-downs” are not tolerated.
  4. A young athlete honours their competitors and recognizes that a worthy opponent will push him/her and his/her team to do their best.
  5. A young athlete honours their coaches. He/she understands the important role that coaches play and strives to show them respect. This includes respecting their instructions and huddling and listening quietly when a meeting is called.
  6. A young athlete honours referees/officials. He/she understands the important role that officials play and strives to show them respect even when he/she disagrees with their decisions. This is a Zero Tolerance Policy issue and is an important part of honoring the game.
  7. A young athlete honours his/her parents and family. Playing lacrosse is a privilege made possible by the support of one’s parents and family. Show appreciation for the time, financial, and emotional commitments your family makes. These include: driving to practices and games, attending/cheering at practices and games, paying for equipment, and supporting you in your efforts to continually improve yourself.
  8. A young athlete honours practice as a time to improve both themselves and their teammates. While practices should be fun, mischievous behavior or “fooling around” is disruptive and disrespectful to your coaches and teammates.
  9. A young athlete learns to win graciously. This is an important component of honouring one’s competitors.
  10. A young athlete learns to lose with dignity. While winning is generally more fun than losing, it is important to remember that winning is a by-product of a number of other goals. We play lacrosse to have fun and improve ourselves physically, mentally, and conscientiously. Sometimes the greatest lessons are learned in losing efforts. Regardless of the outcome, a young athlete tries his/her hardest, improves his/her mastery of the game, and plays according to the spirit as well as the letter of its rules.


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